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Dog Acts As "Baby Gate" Protecting Tiny Human 


This good girl goes into momma dog mode, protecting her baby human from climbing up the stairs.

A dog protecting its human family members is not unheard of, especially since many dog owners train their pups to guard their homes or their herds. However, this large dog has the most important job of all, positioning herself perfectly on the stairs as the ultimate guard dog.

Protective Pal

Just when Jr. thought he might make it up the stairs for the first time, his rather excellent guard dog steps in to ensure he stays on level ground, right where he belongs.

In an adorable video captioned, "She was worried about him climbing the stairs," the pup adjusts herself on the stairs to ensure that she keeps blocking the persistent little kiddos' attempts at getting up those dangerous-looking stairs.


The adorable dog baby block even has Kimberly Williams Paisley chiming in with, "That's amazing.????." While Instagram user brandi8786 commented, " Cutest baby gate, I ever saw!"

Protective Malamute Dogs

These adorable pups keep watch over the newest family member. This cute little baby will forever have a set of protection dogs looking out for her.

I don't think it's just dog training either. It's an instinct for these pups, and toward the end of the video, the family cat joins in, keeping watch over the little one in her crib.


German Shepherd's Protecting Their Kids

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German Shepherds are traditionally known for being police dogs as well as excellent guard dogs warning against trespassers. In this compilation of protective pooch videos, these shepherds protect their kiddos from everything, including one snarling and taking down dad posing as a high-value target.

These pups really are the best guard dogs, as they lunge from their dog beds and kennels or wherever else they may be to take care of their little best friends.


Protective Dog Breeds

Many dog breeds are naturally protective. If you are looking for a protective dog to add to your family, look at these ten dog breeds that make excellent watchdogs:

1. Giant Schnauzer

2. Mountain Dog

3. Retriever


4. Rhodesian Ridgeback

5. Doberman Pinscher

6. Pit Bull

7. Malinois


8. Rottweiler

9. Bullmastiff

10. Akita

While most of these dogs are natural guard dogs, it does require some training to achieve the desired behaviors. The best guard dogs work with a dog trainer or a behaviorist to ensure that you achieve the desired behaviors. If you are looking for a herding dog, shepherd dog breeds are generally the best bet.


You also want to ensure appropriate dog behavior by making sure your pooch has plenty of socialization in addition to their watchdog training. Even with their small size, chihuahua's can make good guard dogs because they constantly bark at whatever startles them!

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