Dog Poop Bag Holders Exist and Make Walking Your Dog A More Sanitary Experience

Posted by Allison Johnson
dog poop bag holder

Taking your dog for a walk is one of the best parts of the day. Especially when you've been at work all day. The fresh air is great for both you and your pup after being cooped up. Getting out the door for a walk is an easy task if you're both eager to get some exercise in.

Remember that your pup is also looking forward to relieving themselves on this walk and burning some energy off. Don't forget to bring poop bags! I know, it can be easy just to leave it there because poop bags aren't fun to hold, but dog poop bag holders make it bearable.

Doggie Did Hands-Free Dog Poop Bag Holder

poop bag holder for dogs

Don't worry! They're simple to use. Just clip it to your dog's leash handle. The Doggie Did Poop Bag Holder has incredible customer reviews. Poop bag holders will make potty time an easy clean up for you. You get to keep a hand free while walking your dog. No more holding onto used pet waste bags until you get to a trash can.

The idea of having to pick up your pet's waste shouldn't irk you as much anymore. Once it's off the ground, it's not in your hands! You can fit multiple full bags on the dog poop bag holder. (It basically works as a keyring to your leash handle.)

poop bag holder

If you need some new dog waste bags, be sure to check out Earth Rated's dog poop bags. They're leak-proof, and one of the best poop bag brands you can buy on Amazon. They have an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars. I would say they're affordable. You can get 18 rolls of bags, or 270 total for $11.99. You can choose between unscented and lavender-scented bags.

Also, think about having a place for your refill rolls. Look into getting a designated dog bag or a tote bag for your dog's walks. Fill it with dog treats, toys, poop bags, a dog leash, and whatever your furry friend may need.

Dog Travel Bag

Reflective Dog Walking Bag

dog bag

This dog walking bag has a waste bag dispenser for you to store and quickly pull out dog waste bags. That, by far, is enough for me to think it's useful for everyday walks. It also has reflective straps. If your fur baby loves walks at night, this is extremely helpful for safety purposes. There are zippers to keep your belongings safe, and a mesh compartment for a water bottle.

All of these products make walking so much easier. You'll have a bag to hold onto your dog's poop bags, and a holder to hold his used bags. Keep a hand free while walking for easy access to treats, water, and your phone when needed.

This post was originally published on September 26, 2019.

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Dog Poop Bag Holders Exist and Make Walking Your Dog A More Sanitary Experience