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6 Heavy-Duty Pool Floats for Dogs That Love the Swimming Pool


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It's not a pool party without a cute pup! Dogs love springtime and summer fun in the water, too. Okay, maybe not all of them, but the fur babies here in Texas sure do love swimming in the summer heat. If your dog can't resist the water, then consider buying them a dog pool float.

Dog pool floats will come in handy when it's time to introduce your dog to the water. We rounded up six floats that are puncture-resistant, durable, and budget-friendly. They're also safe for small dogs and larger dog breeds. Your dogs are going to feel like luxury!

Best Dog Pool Floats & Dog Rafts

1. SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float - Small (0-65 lbs)

Best overall for small dogs

Here's Amazon's Choice for dog pool floats. This $34 pool float is perfect for your furry friend who weighs up to 65 pounds. However, it's ideal for smaller dogs. This pool float is paw and claw-friendly. This means your dog's claws won't ruin the lounger! The durability of the float is just overall great.

There's an inner spring around the outside edge for extra stability. Kendra gave it five stars and wrote, "We give this 4 paws up! Our fur baby (aka fish dog) seems to really enjoy floating around hoping her tennis ball will come to her! No complaints, great product for my 15 lbs mini schnauzer."

2. Aiseve Premium Dog Float, Durable Summer Swimming Dog Pool Paw Inflatable Raft

Best lounging raft for large breeds

Aiseve's dog pool float is under $27 and has nearly 40 positive ratings. The thick dog float is made of durable plastic that prevents your pooch's claws from tearing it. A claw-resistant pool raft is truly a must! You don't want to go through several pool rafts each summer.

The heavy-duty float inflates fast and holds dogs steady. The weight capacity is 330 pounds. If a Golden Retriever can fit on this, I'd say it's the perfect choice for large dogs. A customer actually gave it three stars and said it wasn't a great choice for small dogs, but said it would be a good choice for large dogs.

Another customer gave it five stars and called it a "paw some purchase." She wrote, "Finch LOVES his pool floaty!! I'm starting to think he's more goldfish than he is golden retriever:) The floaty was perfect for his size and has held up great. The plugs are awesome too, airing it up was super easy."

3. Paws Aboard Doggy Lazy Raft, Puncture Resistant Vinyl Dog Float, Perfect for The Lake, Pool, River and Boat

Best splurge for small dogs

Paws Aboard's lazy raft is perfect for dog lovers who want a comfy (but stylish) raft for their dog. The paw-shaped float is made from puncture-resistant durable vinyl that won't fade, stain, or mildew.

The float is perfect for big dogs weighing up to 90 pounds. Fido is going to love it! Gone are the days of watching from poolside, just hoping he could enjoy the water.

Many customers say the $65 float is a great pick for small dogs.

4. Lazy Dog Loungers Dog Pool Float, Raft for Dogs and Pets - Semi-Submersible to Keep Your Dog Cool - Lake, Pool, River and Boat (Large, CAMO)

Best option for independent dogs

The Lazy Dog Loungers has the perfect float for camo lovers. The heavy-duty foam lounger holds dogs up to 110 pounds. Amazon customers love the puncture-resistant float.

A customer gave it a perfect rating and said, "This is such a great idea for people with dogs that love the water. I was pleasantly surprised on the quality of the material. Our 55lb Aussie learned how to get on/off and turn around on the float in just a short time and she loves it."

5. Poolcandy Inflatable Pet Float

Best option for small breeds

Poolcandy's $29 PVC float is so tiny and cute! There are two holes at the bottom that allows water into the base to keep your pup cool. It's not a large size, so consider this for your little Pug.

6. Kelsyus Floating Hammock

Runner up for large dogs

This float by Kelsyus is a great option for both adults and large dogs. Check out this review from Loly.

Best Swimming Pool Ladder for Dogs

Skamper Ramp Super

Don't forget to buy a pool ramp! This $40 ramp makes it easy for dogs to get in and out of the pool by themselves.

Of course, always monitor your best friend in the pool and consider dog life jackets.

Best Inflatable Pool for Dogs

NHILES Portable Pet Dog Pool, Collapsible Bathing Tub, Indoor & Outdoor Foldable Leakproof Cat Dog Pet SPA for Dogs Cats and Kids

Don't have a big underground or above-ground pool for dogs? Consider a small portable pool for keeping them cool during hot summer days.

This post was originally published on March 9, 2021.

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