A Mini Piglet in a Turtleneck Playing at a Dog Park Is All You Need Today

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This mini piglet doesn't care that she's not a dog - she loves dog parks just as much as her two canine brothers do.

Dog parks are popular places for dogs of all shapes and sizes to hand out, play, and socialize. But I'll bet that you've never seen a mini piglet running around a dog park. This piglet was a rescue, but it looks like she's settled right into her new home with her two older dog brothers. And this trio loves heading to the dog park.

This is a great video showing just how much fun this little piglet has at dog parks. Though the dogs are much larger than she is, she keeps up just fine. Take a look at this unusual trio!

Mini pigs became all the rage about ten years ago. Unfortunately many owners don't thoroughly research mini pigs or the breeders that they're buying from. There are many misconceptions that mini pigs will stay small for their entire lives, but they can actually grow quite large, especially depending on their actual breed and bloodlines. Because of this, families sometimes find themselves in the predicament of having a pig much too large to keep in their home, as they had originally planned.

Many pigs then need to find new homes.

If you're thinking of bringing a mini pig home, then make sure that you carefully research the pigs and the breeder that you'll be buying your pig from. You'll need to have room to keep the pig, even if he or she gets larger than anticipated. Understanding what and how much your pig should eat is also essential to keeping your pig healthy.

Just like any other animal, you'll need to learn about what's involved in keeping mini pigs before making the commitment to bring one home.

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A Mini Piglet in a Turtleneck Playing at a Dog Park Is All You Need Today