'Dog Mom Holiday Anthem' Is the Only Holiday Song You Need This Year

Posted by Amber King
dog mom holiday anthem
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There aren't nearly enough holiday songs featuring four-legged family members, but BarkPost has the solution.

Your favorite rapping dog moms are at it again with the only song you need this holiday season. T-Spoon (Katie Haller) and ZZTopHalf (Zoe Costello) hit the streets for the holiday version of the widely popular "Dog Mom Anthem."

This dog mom rap is the perfect pick-me-up for anyone with the holiday blues.

Been a crazy dog lady since the day I was born
'Cause every day with a dog feels like Christmas morn

Catchy, no?

From going on walks in their favorite Christmas sweaters to treats every night when the menorah's lit, this ode to the holiday dog mom and her pup doesn't miss a beat. No matter how you celebrate and what kind of dog you have, every dog mom knows spoiling the furry family is the most important part of the holidays. Guest solo rapper MC Sharpdawg (Alexis Nelson) introduces her favorite canine to the cast and gets real about doggy gift-giving.


Booties to protect paws from snow and salt in the freezing cold weather, your dog's stocking stuffed to the brim, and a matching outfit for every day of the week is what it's all about. BarkPost doesn't hold back with this new installment to their dog mom collection. Everyone made the nice list, because who can resist a furry face? Even if they're bringing down the tree and turning your winter wonderland yellow.

Download "Dog Mom Holiday Anthem" here.

What do you think of the "Dog Mom Holiday Anthem? Let us know in the comments and show your dog mom pride by sharing this post.

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'Dog Mom Holiday Anthem' Is the Only Holiday Song You Need This Year