Dog Maternity Shoot Represents the Proud Mama in All of Us

Posted by Paige Cerulli
All images: Rients Photography via Facebook

While maternity shoots and gender reveal parties are all the rage for human parents-to-be, this dog maternity shoot takes the cake. 

What do you do when you have a mother dog who's expecting? Well, you hold a dog maternity shoot, obviously. In all seriousness, this dog maternity shoot is absolutely adorable. Rients Photography came up with the awesome idea for this shoot, featuring Golden Retrievers Chanel and LeeRoy.

This shoot was held nine days before Chanel's due date, and features picture-perfect lighting, decorative collars, and signs. Take a look at the beautiful pictures that resulted from this shoot.



Part of what is so striking about these photos is that they capture the dogs' personalities so well. You can tell that the dogs are both very much loved, and their fun, silly, and loving personalities shine through in the pictures. We're really hoping that Rients Photography does baby/puppy photo shoots to follow up with these awesome photos!

If you want to have a special photo shoot with your dog, then finding a great photographer is a must. Look for a photographer who knows and works with animals, since they'll be able to choose flattering angles and can help to bring out the best in your pet during the session.

Keep things lighthearted and fun - you don't want to stress out yourself or your pet during the shoot. And while you can have some poses planned, realize that when you're working with animals, you really have to go with the flow. Some of the best photos are unplanned.

All images: Rients Photography via Facebook

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Dog Maternity Shoot Represents the Proud Mama in All of Us