Dog Makes Surprising Friend in the Backyard

Posted by Amber King
dog and rabbit playing

You wouldn't expect rabbits and big dogs to make good playmates, but you'd be wrong.

This big Rottweiler was out exploring his backyard territory when he came across a new scent. After further inspection, he discovered the ball of fluff was alive. But instead of taking offense to the tiny trespasser, he took the opportunity to make a great new friend.

The rottie shows instant excitement and starts prodding at the bunny with his paws and nose. He runs around in circles with pure joy, and seems to ask his floppy-eared guest to play.

It doesn't take much to convince the rabbit to join in on the dog's fun.

The pair starts sprinting through the yard taking turns chasing each other. They skip and hop through the grass having the best time. The white rabbit's short legs power him along as he tries to keep up with the dog's long strides, and the big pup is careful not to hurt his new friend.

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Neither size nor species stops this pair from having fun together. When most dogs see a small woodland creature, their prey drive kicks in, and it doesn't always end well. At the same time, most rabbits would have been too afraid to start playfully romping with a big dog.

But this pair's friendship seems meant to be.

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Dog Makes Surprising Friend in the Backyard