Dog Learns How to Get Whipped Cream out of the Can and It's Brilliant

Posted by Allie Layos
whipped cream

This crafty canine just discovered the beauty of whipped cream. 

When this mother heard the sound of a whipped cream canister and rushed to the kitchen expecting to find a guilty child (apparently "Hannah" was the most likely culprit) enjoying the treat, she found the family dog unashamedly enjoying it instead.

She burst into laughter at the sight, but the dog's technique is actually pretty amazing, as he is able to work the whipped cream canister with almost human-like precision. He holds the canister down with one paw, and works the nozzle with his teeth, pressing it down just enough to dispense a mouthful of the sugary topping, gobbles it down and repeats.

The sound appears to startle him sometimes, especially when he holds the nozzle down a little too long, but he seems to decide that it's a small price to pay for such a delicious treat.

Thanks to this dog's antics, he has unknowingly become the hero of whipped cream lovers everywhere.

Milk and dairy products are generally safe for your pooch. But some dogs who can't process the lactose as well may get a little gassy, so beware if your dog finds the can of whipped cream!

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Dog Learns How to Get Whipped Cream out of the Can and It's Brilliant