This Dog Has Learning Challenges But His Owners Love Him Regardless

Posted by Mateja Lane
All images via KCN1/Imgur

Dogs can have learning disabilities just like humans. 

Stanley was rescued by Imgur user KCN1 when he was a year old. The Golden Retriever was the perfect addition to the household; he got along with the kids, Karma, the other Golden Retriever, and the cat.


Stanley was very affectionate and he loved to give kisses. But once the family began training him, problems began to surface.

Stanley had issues learning the most basic commands. In fact, this is how he responds to his name:

Stanley also has strange obsessive quirks like taking the same pillow off a bed, at the same time every night, and proceeds to carry it around with him. He also hides things like remote control in the same spot under a bed every day.

KCN1 explained:

"If he can't locate one of the items, he becomes visibly stressed and paces around for hours frantically looking for it. Basically, it ruins his day."


Stanley worked with a few trainers over the years and, after establishing that Stanley had no hearing problems, each one deemed Stanley as untrainable.

Then KCN1heard about a dog IQ test. It basically has three steps:

1. Call the pet's name to see how they respond.

Stanley doesn't respond to his name but will come when any other word is used in the same tone.

2. Put a blanket on the dog to see how it reacts.

Stanley just walks around with the blanket on him, bumping into things.


3. Hide a treat under a cup and see if the dog can find it. 

You aren't supposed to hide the fact that the treat is under the cup, to see if the dog can put two and two together. This is how Stanley reacts:


The other Golden Retriever, Karma, passed each test, leading Stanley's owners to believe that he had some learning challenges.

When KCN1 told his vet about his suspicion the vet responded; "It's possible that Stanley's mental challenges could be the result of inbreeding coupled with just plain ole stubbornness."

But why is it so hard to believe that our pets can have the same mental or emotional challenges as humans? There have been many studies that explore mental illness and disabilities in dogs. There is proof that dogs can get depressed and that they can become stressed due to our own behavior.

Even if Stanley does struggle with certain things in life, his family will always love him. Stanley's owner concluded his post, saying:

"If my dog was human, he would probably be riding the short bus. But he's become a wonderful part of our family and we will always love him... No matter what."

All images via KCN1/Imgur

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This Dog Has Learning Challenges But His Owners Love Him Regardless