This Dog Isn't Really Feeling His Birthday Cake

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Ever hear of a dog refusing food? Check out this ungrateful birthday dog.

This dog's owner just wanted to treat him to a nice birthday cake, but the pup apparently is not into a slice of cake.

The black Labrador in this video looks super happy as his owner walks over to him. His tail is wagging excitedly as she squats down serenading him with "Happy Birthday."

But when she takes the skinny rawhide out of his mouth to offer him the cake, he has other plans.

Good thing the candle didn't start a fire! Maybe he wasn't in a celebratory mood.

It doesn't look like the cake left too much of a mess on the carpet, so that's a good sign. Although the Lab probably wouldn't care either way. He just seems to want his rawhide back.

A favorite clip that made it to America's Funniest Home Videos, this dog leaves us laughing at our computer screens, and wondering if he ever ate the cake in the end.

Tell us what you think of this funny video in the comments below. 

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This Dog Isn't Really Feeling His Birthday Cake