Dog Is So Worried When His Favorite Boy Jumps into a Leaf Pile

Posted by Amber King
Boxer and boy by leaf pile

With summer on its way out and fall on its way in, this Boxer isn't letting his favorite human out of his sight.

A Boxer named Rocky is a lucky dog. He has a young boy as his best friend, and he does everything he can to protect his favorite human.

When the pair came across a deceptively deep leaf pile, Rocky got the chance to show his family just how seriously he takes his best friend responsibility. Situated next to a retaining wall, the massive pile of leaves was a soft cushion that lead to the ground several feet below.

With his father filming, the boy decided to jump into the pile. The father warns his son that the dog might jump in after him, and that's exactly what happens.

Not your ordinary leaf pile, the boy is instantly sucked into the depths of the fallen foliage. He disappears as if the leaves are quicksand, and Rocky is suddenly alarmed by his human's disappearance. The dog spends a few anxious moments peering into the leaves looking for his boy before diving after him into the leafy abyss.


Rocky didn't know where his boy went or if he was okay, but he knew he had to do something to save him. He put his safety aside to check on his friend, and took the leap. Luckily both boy and dog came out from the leaves happy and relieved. Maybe Rocky had some fun too because what is more symbolic of fall than jumping into a pile of leaves?

Rocky is one more example of why dogs are man's best friend.

What do you think of Rocky's daring leap? Let us know in the comments below.

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Dog Is So Worried When His Favorite Boy Jumps into a Leaf Pile