Dog Is Just Sick of the Parental Paparazzi, Already

Posted by Paige Cerulli

Generally dogs can be pretty patient, but this funny dog makes it painfully clear that he's just sick of the parental paparazzi. 

Dogs are adorable, funny, and sweet - so why wouldn't we want to capture great photos of our dogs to show others? Every dog owner has taken photos of their dog at some point; it's just part of what we do. But sometimes we can go a little overboard, verging on the edge of being parental paparazzi.

The dog in this video is clearly done with having his picture taken, and he absolutely refuses to pose for a single shot more. His paparazzi parents haven't had enough yet, but watch how this dog very clearly gets his point across. There's a time for pictures, and that time isn't now.

Obviously the dog is getting annoyed by his owner and the camera. Some dogs are plain camera shy, which may be caused by fear of the camera's lens, which resembles an eye a little bit. Other dogs may just be feeling uncooperative, like the dog in this video. When your dog isn't into having his picture taken, it's best to just leave things be - you'll only annoy your dog, and you're not likely to get a great shot, anyways.

If you want to get some great photos of your dog, time your shoot carefully. Don't photograph your dog when he normally takes a nap or is waiting for a meal. He'll be impatient and uncooperative. Instead, photograph your dog during a time when he's happy and active, such as when he's coming back from a walk or when he's headed out for some playtime.

It's also a good idea to enlist a helper for your photo shoot, since one person can hold, interact with, or position the dog while the other handles the camera. Always use the best camera that you have available to you. A camera with a zoom feature will allow you to be further back from your dog, which can be less intimidating to him.

Good luck getting some great photos of your dog!

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Dog Is Just Sick of the Parental Paparazzi, Already