Dog in Boarding Pulls Off an Escape You Have to See to Believe

Posted by Krissy Howard

When a dog left to board at a Virginia kennel became restless, he opened four doors, saw himself out, and took a nap in a nearby yard. 

Some animals are natural-born escape artists, wiggling in and out of tight cracks and locked crates to free themselves from confinement. A 10-year-old Great Pyrenees named General might have them all topped, however, after surveillance footage of his recent jailbreak was caught on camera, following him on a journey from his kennel to the outdoors.

While staying at a boarding facility in Virginia while his family was on vacation, General's great escape starts at around 4 a.m., when he somehow unlocks the door to his kennel (notice his surprised neighbor in the unit to his right!) He then slips through a large door which allows him into a hallway, where he uses his mouth to turn the knob of a third door, opening it and forcing himself through.

Finally, an outside camera catches General opening a fourth door to leave the facility altogether, and films him walking down a sidewalk in the parking lot until eventually walking out of frame and into the night.

When staff members at the facility noticed the big guy was gone the next morning, they called animal control and their local police department to assist in their search. Luckily, General was found sleeping in a nearby yard around 7:30 a.m., safe and sound.

What an escape!

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Dog in Boarding Pulls Off an Escape You Have to See to Believe