Dog Has the Best Time Playing with Her Little Doggie Water Fountain

Posted by TF Oren

Man, it's great to be a dog!

It's even greater if you're a dog testing out a water toy on a hot day.

Sophie, a Wire Fox Terrier, is having what is probably one of the best days of her life quality testing her brand new doggie water fountain.

Terriers are known for their tenacity and this doggie water fountain requires active participation, making this dog-toy pairing a match made in heaven.

Paw on, water on. Paw off, water off. Best. Toy. Ever.

The real question is, will Sophie ever figure out how to get that pesky water in her mouth? With her obvious determination, our money's on yes.

Is there a dog in your life who might appreciate this clever little device? You can purchase one here.

What do you think of Sophie's new toy? Let us know in the comments section below!

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WATCH NOW: Doggie Water Fountain Looks Like Too Much Fun!

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