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Dog Grooming Tools: The Ultimate Kit for Painless Pup Bath Time


Your dog may not love to roll in the mud, but he might still need a good scrub!

Dog grooming tools are hardly something you think about when you adopt a pup. Before we bring a dog into our lives, we usually stop to think about who in the family is going to walk him and feed him. We also usually pause to ponder who is going to take care of him when we go on vacation. But another nearly as important responsibility of pup parenthood is grooming.

Even if your dog is short-haired, his coat and nails need to be regularly cared for to keep him happy, healthy and handsome. And while dogs with coats that are particularly laborious to groom (we're looking at you, beautiful Afghans and perky poodles) may be better left in the hands of a professional groomer, generally speaking grooming can be DIY.

The time spent together on bathing, brushing, and nail clipping can strengthen the bond of trust between hound and human. So let us suggest some awesome products that will help that happen, and save you time and money too.

Best Dog Grooming Tools for Busy Pet Parents

Furbliss Multifunctional Dog Grooming Tool

Many reviewers consider this the best dog brush for short hair. Made of medical grade silicone, this brush provides a gentler experience than a wire or steel brush. While removing loose fur and dead skin, the brush also stimulates circulation and gives a relaxing massage. The Furbliss brush can also be used during bathing.


Pet Portal Slicker Pro Self-Cleaning Brush 

This super convenient brush is often named as the best dog brush for long hair. It has flexible steel bristles that are gentle on Rover's skin but remove mats, tangles and loose fur. Plus, it brush cleans itself in five seconds. Press a button and the bristles retract, leaving the fur and other debris for you to wipe away. The Slicker Pro comes in two sizes, one for larger and one for smaller dogs.

Pat Your Pet Grooming Tool and Glove 

The grooming glove is a great alternative to the brush. Brushing becomes petting while wearing this special glove. Your hound will literally feel the love! Gloves for left and right handed humans are included. Many pet parents find that grooming goes faster with gloves than with a brush.

Waterpik Pet Wand Dog Grooming Tool 

Now you can bathe your dog inside or outside. Inside it attaches to a standard shower head pipe and outdoors, to a garden hose. The shower wand can be set for full spray or narrow spray for hard to reach areas. Water pressure is also adjustable.

Pride + Groom The Swipe - Coat Grooming Wipes for Dogs 



Here is a doggie wipe designed for quick grooming of dirty faces, paws and coats. Scented with organic coconut oil, these will be handy during those times when your canine compadre needs a mop-up.

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