Dog Goes Missing and Lives in the Wild, Reunited with Family After 4 Years

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Sammy the Labrador
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After being lost in the wild for four years, this missing dog was finally reunited with her family. 

Four years after Sammy the Labrador went missing during a walk through the Australian bushland in October 2013, she has been found, and finally reunited with her family.

Sammy was just three years old when she disappeared at Wild Horse Mountain, north of Brisbane. Her owner, Aubrey Lee, used social media to try and find her, and though the Facebook group gained hundreds of followers, spreading the word of her disappearance and coordinating search efforts, four years went by without Sammy's return.

When Sunny was finally found this past Friday and taken to a local vet, she was reunited with her family thanks to yet another Facebook group for missing pets, run by a Facebook user named Lauren. When Lauren identified Sunny, she searched back through old social media posts to contact Lee.

"'Don't get your hopes up' was all I could think," Lee said in an interview with ABC.

But when they were reunited this weekend, it was clear to her right away that the dog was Sunny.

Sammy the Labrador and Jamie

"Deep down I thought it was her straight away, her face and eyes especially," Lee said.

And it seemed that Sammy remembered her name.

Lee said:

"I called her Sammy and she looked straight up and wagged her tail."

Since no microchip could be found, Sammy's identity was verified with the help of numerous body markings.

"Sammy had quite a unique caesarean scar, and she also had a unique number of nipples," Lauren said. "We've also organised DNA testing just to confirm, but at this stage it's 99.9 per cent certain that it's Sammy."

Sammy the Labrador

Sammy was in surprisingly good health for a domestic pet that had spent four years in the wild, and veterinarians believe she survived on a diet of pineapples scavenged from local farms.

She did have a leg wound that required surgery, however, and now wears a green cast on her right leg as it heals.

"It looked like an old injury that had been left untreated, it was all infected and not a pretty sight," Lauren said.

Leg wound aside, Lee said that Sammy is readjusting to her old life well.

"She's very happy," she said.

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All images via ABC.

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Dog Goes Missing and Lives in the Wild, Reunited with Family After 4 Years