Dog Gets a New Bed But Someone Else Is Found Sleeping in It

Posted by Stacey Venzel
dog bed
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It wasn't the dog or the cats who found the new dog bed in this household.

When Reddit user 'xDaigon' bought her new puppy a large dog bed, she expected her pup - and possibly her cats - would make use of it.

Instead, after setting up the bed in the living room, she came back to find this:

dog bed

It looks like the little girl made herself quite comfortable, deep in sleep with a comfy pillow and blanket to boot.

The bed seems to be just the perfect size for her and her new pup, so maybe they'll learn to share!


Kids aren't the only ones taking over comfy places these days. A cat recently interrupted the Holy Family's manger scene, napping in place of baby Jesus. And a fox took advantage of an empty cat bed while the cat was outside.

Have you ever found someone other than your dog sleeping in the dog bed? Tell us in the comments below!

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