Dog Found Bound and Duct-Taped in a Ditch Rescued Just in Time

Posted by Krissy Howard
Photos by Carlos Carrillo via The Dodo

In an act of extreme and heartless cruelty, a dog was left to die in a ditch, bound, duct-taped and unable to move. Fortunately, he was found just in the nick of time. 

It was an ordinary Friday at work for Texas plumber Carlos Carillo. Heading out to a job in Robstown, Carillo and his co-worker noticed a strange figure situated in a ditch off to the side of the country road they were traveling on.

Intuition told them to stop, and what they found shocked them  - a dog with his legs bound and mouth duct-taped shut who was left to die.

Carillo and his partner immediately cut the pup free, allowing him to stretch his legs and open his mouth. From there it was all love. The dog left to suffer in a heartless act of cruelty chose to trust his new friends.

"He seemed OK," Carrillo said in an interview with The Dodo. "He was very loving and liked the attention. He was probably just there for a day or so."


After loading him up in their vehicle, the pair took their newly rescued friend to PeeWee's Pet Adoption, a no-kill shelter based out of Corpus Christi.

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Regardless of what he had endured, the pup was beyond excited to be in the good hands of kind people and showed his gratitude with endless smiles, kisses, and tail wags. A physical exam found him in relatively good health, though he was found to be heartworm positive, which will require ongoing but easy treatment.

The cruel person, or people, who left him to die have yet to be found, and may never be. The most important thing, however, is that this lucky pup made it out of his harrowing situation alive, despite the odds against him, thanks to his two rescuers who acted quickly, and the dedicated team who are working to help him land in a safe and loving forever home.

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Photos by Carlos Carrillo via The Dodo

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Dog Found Bound and Duct-Taped in a Ditch Rescued Just in Time