Dog Finally Runs Free After Being Chained His Whole Life

Posted by Paige Cerulli

After being chained for his entire life, you can feel this dog's excitement when he finally runs free in a six-acre field.

Imagine if your life was confined to a circle 20 feet in diameter. You never went anywhere else, you never saw any new sights, and you rarely got to interact with other people. For Biscuit, this was a reality.

Biscuit lived his entire life chained in his owner's yard until his situation changed and he was granted his first taste of freedom. When Biscuit finally runs free, he almost doesn't know what to do with all of the space available to him.

This video captures the moment that Biscuit finally tastes freedom. He's given six fenced-in acres to explore, and explore he does. He looks to be having a great time, and is certainly excited about having all of this space. Check out this video which captures the emotional moment.

Is it legal to keep a dog chained up? In many towns, no. Towns create specific rules governing dog ownership and dog welfare, and some towns require that a dog not be left on a chain over a particular amount of time. Many towns also have rules about caring for a dog in extreme weather, so even if a town allows a dog to be chained, it's generally required that the dog be brought inside when the weather is bad.

Living life on a chain is no kind of life for a dog. Dogs need exercise in order to stay fit and healthy, and they also need stimulation and entertainment for their mental health. If you know of a dog who is living life on a chain, the best thing you can do is to report the issue to your local Animal Control officer. Animal Control can evaluate the situation and take appropriate action.

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Dog Finally Runs Free After Being Chained His Whole Life