India Street Dog Encased in Tar Rescued Against All Odds

Posted by Amber King
dog encased in tar

When rescuers from Animal Aid found a dog trapped in a steel drum, it wasn't immediately obvious just how bad the situation was.

Street animals in India endure unimaginable suffering. They're homeless, malnourished, and often abused and left to die. Animal Aid, a rescue and veterinary facility in Udaipur, India, has worked tirelessly since 2003 to bring hope and help to as many animals as possible. When they noticed a dog trapped in a steel drum, they knew they had to help.

The homeless dog had been trapped in the drum for several days without food or water. She had likely crawled into the space seeking shelter, but she didn't know the inside was coated with hot tar. She sunk into the tar until she could no longer move.

Warning: some viewers may find graphic.

When rescuers found her, the street dog was completely glued to the drum and terrified. She had stopped struggling and given up hope. A team from Animal Aid cut through the drum to get to her, but they still couldn't free her. They transported the dog, drum and all, to their facility. Vegetable oil was used to soften the tar, and with many hands working together, they slowly pulled her free.

Once she was free, they could see the extent of her injuries. Her fur was completely coated in tar, and her skin was severely burnt.  After three hours of painstakingly pulling tar off the dog's skin and out of her fur, she was finally able to stand on her own.

She needed extensive medical care and time to heal, but the pup with little hope of survival is now alive and well. Her rescuers named her Asha, a Hindi word meaning "hope."

Asha is enjoying her second chance at life, and Animal Aid wants to offer hope to more animals like her. Visit their website to make a donation to their cause. You never know whose life you might be saving.

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India Street Dog Encased in Tar Rescued Against All Odds