If a Dog Was Elected President…

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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What changes would the U.S. see if a canine took the presidential oath?

The 2016 presidential election is causing a lot of projection of what could be if bright-colored Clinton or bald-spotted Trump stepped into the position of head of state.

But maybe we're pointing our fingers in the wrong direction. Things might be different if a Pug, Saint Bernard or Chihuahua claimed the title of POTUS.

Just how exactly would the U.S. change, for better or worse, if a tail-wagging, drooling pup stepped up to the podium on inauguration day?

1. More parks.

Especially parks with pools.

2. No hunting restrictions.

What's a Coonhound without a coon to chase?


3. No immigration laws.

Because dogs are friends with everyone.

4. More foreign allies.

A dog's loyalty is never doubted.

5. Tax breaks for convertibles.

Forget money back for purchasing a smart car. Dogs just want their heads out the window.


6. Better military defense system.

Noses, intelligence, and teeth, 'nuff said.

7. Shorter work weeks.

A dog really just wants to have fun.

8. Free health/pet care.

Canines know the importance of pet insurance.


9. Increased drug control.

Again with the noses.

10. Free trade.

Because a dog just wants his treats, no strings attached.

Apparently, animals in office aren't that far out there. A black Lab/Rottie mix named Bosco was elected mayor of Sunol, California in 1981. Weiner dog Molly was a write-in presidential candidate in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, but, surprisingly, failed to beat out Obama. France even had its day with the dogs when Dachshund Saucisse (French for "sausage") won four percent of the votes for mayor.

How do you think a pooch would do as president? We have some suggestions for write-in candidates this year: #HeroforPresident, #DemocratsforDougthePug, #RepublicansforNorm.

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If a Dog Was Elected President…