Dog Dropped at California Shelter Looks Pink Due to Demodex Mange

Posted by Krissy Howard

A bad case of Demodex mange left one beautiful Boxer nearly unrecognizable, leaving her totally pink, and more than a little uncomfortable. 

When workers at Animal Friends of the Valleys in Wildomar, California arrived at the shelter one morning in February, they were greeted by two new intakes left in the "night drop" box, both Boxers who have since been named Artie and Asia.

The pair were both found to be suffering from Demodex mange, a treatable skin condition caused by a dermal infestation of tiny mites. These parasites often cause their hosts to lose hair and come with their fair share of pain.

Although both dogs tested positive for the condition, one pooch, 10-month-old Asia, had a case so severe that it caused most of her fur to fall out completely, leaving a pink and exposed body riddled with dark brown spots.

"I felt so badly for Artie and Asia when I first saw them,"  Jennifer Glover, a registered veterinary technician for the shelter, told

"But I was encouraged by the fact that we would be able to start helping them."

The pups have both begun treatment, and sources report that they are doing well. The bonded pair have since been picked up by Last Chance at Life animal rescue, who are there to help them along their road to recovery, and remain determined to find them the forever home they were always meant to have. Due to their naturally sweet demeanor, that shouldn't be too hard.

"Asia was showing her true boxer colors in the back seat of the truck. Wiggling all over, using our pet hammock to scratch her back on, and playing with Artie for half the ride back to LCAL," said Niccola Gentile, a volunteer at the rescue.

"She is a talker, as I call it. When she just wants you to know something she will tell you. Once Asia fell asleep, Artie just sat up and looked out the window the whole time; every once and a while stepping over the hammock onto the center console to give me a kiss."

The pair is currently up for adoption through the rescue, and the organization is happy to report that there is already interest in the duo! Best of luck, Asia and Artie!

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Dog Dropped at California Shelter Looks Pink Due to Demodex Mange