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Dog Cooling Mat: 3 Options to Chill Your Pup as the Weather Warms Up


Hotter temps mean your pet needs to stay cool. 

While your pet's fur helps regulate their temperature, they can still overheat as the weather warms up, especially on scorching summer days.  Air conditioning only goes so far. To help keep them cool as spring turns into summer, get them a cooling pad. Cooling mats come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you have a big dog or a small pooch, there is a pet pad out there for you.

1.Avant(pet) Reversible Comfortable Pet Cooling Gel Pad

The Avant(pet) pad is a self-cooling mat that draws out your dog's body heat and circulates it away from them, cooling them down. This comfy pad comes in different sizes from x-small to x-large, and you can customize it by picking your dog's breed for the cover. The pad can easily be slipped into the dog crate or used on top of a pet bed.

The non-toxic gel will not harden if you put the pad in the freezer. Instead, it turns into an extra cool pet pad that stays pliable and soft. The slushy gel will stay cool in hot weather and even in direct sunlight, making it one of the best dog gel cooling mats.



2. Pet Fit For Life Snuggle Soft Cooling and Microwave Heating Gel Pad

If you're like me, you like to find items for your pet that can be used year-round. The gel pad by Pet Fit for Life can keep your dog cool in the summer and keep it warm in the winter. As the weather warms up, add a little refrigeration and slip into your pooch's dog bed. It will keep them cool for a couple of hours. It may be a little small for your extra-large dog, but it will definitely keep smalls dogs and cats nice and cool. Be careful with this one, though, if your pup is a chewer. The gel is not non-toxic and can be harmful if ingested. The cover also slips off for cleaning and is machine washable.


3. The Green Pet Shop

The Green Pet Shop dog cooling pad is a pressure-activated mat pad that will help prevent your furry friend from heatstroke. The pet cooling mat will sit perfectly on your tile floor, keeping your dog comfortable, or it can easily act as a crate mat in your pup's kennel. The cooling power of this dog bed auto-regenerates after 15- 20 minutes of nonuse. The mat is easy to clean with mild soap. However, durability can be affected if you leave it in direct sunlight for too long. This is an effective dog self-cooling mat that does not need any refrigeration or water added and comes in a large size and x-large.

What are the best cooling dog beds made of? 

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Dog beds can vary in materials. Self-cooling dog beds are made of gel that will recharge as soon as your pet gets up and will be ready for them as soon as they come back. Other dog beds are made of memory foam with cooling properties helping to regulate your dog's body temperature. Some of these styles also can be orthopedic to provide comfort to older dogs and alleviate joint pain.

The waterbed style gets filled through a valve with water. The distribution of the water through each of the chambers helps your dog cool down. Be careful when emptying these, though, as you do not want to get mildew on the inside. Other cooling pet pads utilize refrigeration or the freezer to get and maintain their cooling effect.

Are cooling mats the best way to keep a dog from overheating? 

Sometimes air conditioning is not enough to keep your furry friend cool on very hot days, especially if you live in an area where it consistently hit 100 degrees or more. Cooling pads add an extra way for you to make sure your dog lowers their body temperature, especially if they decide to go out and play.

Is it safe to use a cooling pad for my dog?

Cooling pads are perfectly safe for your dog or cat to use. Many of them are filled with a non-toxic gel that is safe for ingestion. The water pads are typically made of scratch-resistant material, so they will not puncture. However, if you have a heavy chewer or a pup that likes to scratch, you may want to consider a lifted mesh dog bed instead.


How long does the cooling mat last?

Most of the mats will last a couple of hours before they need to be tossed into the refrigerator or freezer for a re-charge. It will vary, of course, based on type and brand. Most self-cooling pads will last about four hours, while the ones that go in the freezer keep your dog cool for at least 4-6 hours.   

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