Dog Chews Through Locked Door to Save Self, Pal from Fire

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Locked inside a shed during a fire and left to die, two Florida pups made a miraculous escape, and have since gone on to find their forever homes. 

Back in January, a house fire destroyed a home on Big Pine Key, in Southern Florida. Two dogs, apparently abandoned by the property owners, were found days later - one roaming the streets, and the other locked inside a shed on the property.

"There's no doorknob," said Tammy Fox, executive director of the Florida Keys SPCA, in an interview with The Miami Herald.

"Someone had to lock the door with a key. Can you imagine? That dog had just gone through a fire and was put in a shed and locked there in the dark, in the heat. She was frantically trying to escape."

A good Samaritan alerted local animal control after noticing a small Chihuahua-mix, who was later named Roscoe, on the loose. After looking in the shed at the behest of neighbors, they were met with a white dog resembling a Boxer-mix trapped inside, covered in cuts and scrapes on her face. They then put the pieces together.

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Phoenix, as she was named after rising from the ashes of such a horrific ordeal, had broken a window and chewed a hole around the lock of the door, creating a narrow escape passage for Roscoe to fit through. Phoenix's face was seen poking through the same hole, but she was just too big to fit through it to find safety.

Luckily these dogs were found in the nick of time and were immediately taken in by the Florida Keys ASPCA's Marathon campus. The pair were adopted out into separate homes fairly quickly thanks to the efforts of their local shelter workers, and we can only hope that this terrible act of cruelty has led them to forever families who will show them the love they deserve!

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Dog Chews Through Locked Door to Save Self, Pal from Fire