Dog Chases Cat and Falls into a...Tortoise Hole?

Posted by Krissy Howard
tortoise and dog
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Sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction, and anyone with a house full of animals can attest to that.

Toby Passmore might have the rescue story to beat after his rambunctious little Schnauzer named Ticklish Rubin took off after the cat and fell into a gigantic hole in the yard, which was put there by one very determined tortoise named Scully.

Passmore said in an interview with ABC 15 Arizona:

"They're awesome animals it's just if you have a dog that'll go down into the chamber of death that your tortoise digs, it's not a good fit."

Passmore and his wife checked all over their property after Ticklish Rubin's faint barks could be heard coming from somewhere. After searching everywhere to no avail, Passmore realized the barks were coming from underground and immediately realized the dog must have fallen into Scully's burrow.

When Passmore realized his pooch was too deep for him to reach, he called his local fire department. The firemen showed up with shovels and got to work, taking care to get the dog out safely while not collapsing the ground on top of him.

While burrowing tunnels underground isn't unusual for tortoises, most will stop digging at three feet. Not to be outdone, Scully kept digging until he hit six feet, and so, the strangest rescue tale is born.

A Chandler fire worker told the news outlet:

"The hole went a lot further than expected so there was a lot of digging that went on over a couple of hours."

All parties involved are said to be safe and sound thanks to the rescue efforts.

What's the most bizarre animal rescue you've ever heard of or witnessed? Tell us in the comments!

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Dog Chases Cat and Falls into a...Tortoise Hole?