Dog Chained in the Canada Cold for Years...But There's a Happy Ending

Posted by Jason Sarna
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After spending four years chained in the Yukon Canada, Animal Advocates made sure the rest of this dog's life was filled with love, fun, and comfort.

It's no secret that chaining an animal outside for long periods of time is a bad idea. However, some people don't understand why.

This dog named Diesel spent four years chained outside thanks to his owner. During that time, he endured isolation, beatings, bitter cold temperatures, and attacks from loose dogs that he couldn't escape from. He was also kicked in the face by a horse!

Check out the video below:

According to Animal Advocates, the video was made to inspire others to rescue chained dogs and help find them a loving home.

Chaining any animal outside year-round is never a good idea. It's unfortunate some people do not understand this - or maybe they do understand this but, for whatever reason, they just don't care.

Thankfully, Diesel was rescued from his abusive owner and given the proper care he deserves. For more information about Animal Advocates, check out their website.

Have you ever seen a chained dog that you wanted to save? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Dog Chained in the Canada Cold for Years...But There's a Happy Ending