This Dog Cares for Her Puppies - And Three Fostered Kittens

Posted by Paige Cerulli

This mother dog's kindness knows no boundaries when she cares for all of her puppies plus three fostered kittens. 

These three fostered kittens couldn't be luckier. When they needed a foster mom, one came along. It just so happens that that mom was a different species, but does that really matter all that much? The kittens were brought into an animal shelter without a mother, so Mary the dog was happy to accommodate.

Mary was already nursing puppies, but it looks like the fostered kittens fit right into the pack. In the video below you can see how attentive Mary is to the kittens, and with the help of shelter staff, the kittens are well cared for and very much loved.

When kittens don't have a mother available to care for them, their survival depends on humans. Young kittens need to be fed regularly and have to be kept warm in order to survive. They require special attention and lots of time in order to keep them healthy. This can make caring for fostered kittens a challenge when shelters have limited staff.

Some shelters send kittens home with kitten fosters who have the time available to dedicate to the kittens' care. In these foster homes, the kittens are cared for by a volunteer who is experienced in raising kittens. The kittens receive regular feedings and interaction, and they are socialized with people and sometimes other pets in order to prepare them for future adoption.

Want to help out young kittens in need? Consider volunteering at a shelter to help care for kittens and cats. You may also want to volunteer yourself as a kitten foster home. If you can't foster kittens yourself, you can always donate items to the shelter which will help with the kittens' care, or you can help to staff adoption events to find the kittens new homes.

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This Dog Cares for Her Puppies - And Three Fostered Kittens