Dog Can't Get Enough of Sliding Down Snowy Hill

Posted by Jason Sarna
dog sliding in snow

It appears dogs enjoy sliding down snowy hills as much as humans. However, unlike humans, this dog doesn't require a sled.

This Maremma/Pyrenees Sheep Dog named Fingal isn't quite ready for the change of season. He loves the snow and plans on spending as much time playing in it as he can.

Check out the video below:

After the first slide, Fingal walks back up the snowy hill toward his owner. By the look on the pup's face, it seems like he might have had enough for the day, but he dips his head and goes for a second slide.

Dogs, like humans, are never fully content with one. They often want seconds. There's something about seconds that is gratifying. And sometimes after seconds, we want thirds and fourths and fifths until we have completely lost control of ourselves!

Being free to do whatever you want is a thrilling experience - kind of like sliding down a snowy hill without a sled. But sometimes, it's good to have someone tell us when enough is enough.

We're not sure how many times Fingal slid down the snowy hill, but something tells us that his owner and him where there for a long time.

Does your dog enjoy the snow? Let us know in the comments section below!

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Dog Can't Get Enough of Sliding Down Snowy Hill