Why The Dog Cafe in LA Will Be Your New Favorite Coffee Spot

Posted by Tori Holmes
All images courtesy of LA Eater

Dog and coffee lovers rejoice! There is now a place where you can get your caffeine fix with a side of four-legged love.

LA's first dog café, aptly titled The Dog Café, has opened its doors and dog lovers are coming in droves. They're not just coming for the coffee, though, they're making the trip to see if they may meet their new best friend.

This is because all of the dogs at The Dog Café are available for adoption.

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Sarah Wolfgang, who has spent nearly two decades working with shelters and rescuing dogs from overseas meat farms, founded the café with the goal of helping more dogs get adopted.

At The Dog Café, humans and dogs can hang out and get to know each other away from the overcrowded shelters. This is important, as shelters can be overwhelming to dogs and cause them to display aggressive or fearful behaviors that can hinder their chances of being adopted.

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The café isn't just for the dog's benefit, however. It provides dog lovers who can't own one themselves the chance to spend quality time with some furry friends without the commitment of adoption.

For those hoping they can grab a latte and a puppy to go, think again. The Dog Café has very stringent adoption process to ensure that each dog goes to the best home possible.

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We're loving this idea of non-traditional adoption facilities and we hope they continue to spread across the United States and beyond. It's the best way possible for dogs to find their perfect forever homes.

Plus, is there any better combination than coffee and puppies? We don't think so.

All images courtesy of LA Eater.

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Why The Dog Cafe in LA Will Be Your New Favorite Coffee Spot