Keep Your Dog Safe From Choking With a Bully Stick Companion

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There's an ample of questions you might have about dog chews, specifically bully sticks. Many dog owners give their furry friends bully sticks. While these should always be monitored, many dogs don't experience choking, or E. coli contamination in their lifetime. In fact, many pups love their braided bully sticks.

Bully sticks do offer health benefits. For starters, dental health. Bully sticks are great for removing tartar buildup from dog's teeth. They also have high protein! What draws the line for some pet owners is the chance of their pooch choking on a bully stick. It's important to remove small pieces that break up while they chew!

What are bully sticks made from?

Bully sticks are made from "beef pizzle." Yes, from bull penises. Once they are dried and cooked, these beef muscles become dog bully sticks.

Are bully sticks safe for dogs?

You hardly see E. coli contamination with these treats, but it does happen. The major hazard that these chew treats have is the risk of choking. Aggressive chewers may break the bully stick into small pieces that lodge in their esophagus.

Bully Stick Companion

Bully Stick Companion

Bully sticks for dogs

Using a Bully Stick Companion is a great alternative for aggressive chewers that can't resist their straight bully sticks. To prevent your dog from swallowing the last few inches of their bully sticks, place their dog treat in the bully stick holder. How it works is that they can chew away all they want, but the last 1/2 inch of the bully stick remains.

Some dog owners worry if they should even leave their dog alone with a bully stick or rawhide treat. The Bully Stick Companion takes care of that. You don't have to feel reluctant about leaving your dog alone with a bully stick. Customer reviews mentioned that it gave them peace of mind.

Many dog owners choose Best Bully Sticks for their fur babies. Best Bully Sticks have jumbo bully sticks for aggressive chewers and junior sticks for smaller dogs. The junior sticks come in sizes 2-4 inches and 4-8 inch bully sticks. They're sourced from high-quality free-range, and customers love this natural treat for their furry friends. Different shapes are a major perk for both pet owners and pups, but sometimes the odor of bully sticks can be an issue. Barkworthies has grass-fed beef sticks that are odor-free.

If your dog can't resist their bully sticks, the Bully Stick Companion is a great safety measure for your fur baby.

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Keep Your Dog Safe From Choking With a Bully Stick Companion