This Dog and Bird Are Best Friends and It’s Adorable

Posted by Tori Holmes
dog and bird

We all know that animals can have best friends, but it's not often we see friendships between animals that are so drastically different.

Meet Jackson and Bird Noir, a dog and a bird that put their differences aside in the name of friendship.

A year after adopting Bird Noir, a 10-year-old black masked lovebird, owner Melissa Gill brought home a new addition to the family; Jackson the eight-year-old Shetland sheepdog/Keeshond mix.

Who was to know that the pair would become fast friends, never leaving each other's side? Not Melissa, that's for sure.

She doesn't remember exactly when the friendship started, but one day she noticed the pair was hanging out together. Since then, their days have involved Bird Noir making nests in Jackson's fur and Jackson shuttle Bird Noir around the apartment on his back.

Bird Noir isn't Jackson's first feathered friend, though. Melissa previously had silkie chickens that Jackson enjoyed the company of, also allowing them to ride his back around their yard.

Today, Jackson and Bird Noir remain joined at the hip. To stay up to date with their daily adventures, follow them on Instagram.

We hope these two adorable creatures remain best buds for life!

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This Dog and Bird Are Best Friends and It’s Adorable