5 Dog Backpacks for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Posted by Ashley McElmurry
Dog Backpack

Outdoor activities can be ruff on your pup, but these backpacks can make all the difference.

As much as we love outdoor adventures with our dogs, they can also be a handful. You have to make sure they have food, waste bags, water, and toys for the little stops along the way. However, there is a way to travel lightly while adventuring together.

These doggie backpacks are great for extra storage and giving your dog that added responsibility; we all know they love having a job. These backpacks come in different sizes to adjust to your pup's size and have enough pockets to ensure that you will have all the supplies they need to make hiking, camping, and other activities enjoyable.

1. Outward Hound Backpacks for Dogs

Dog Backpack

This backpack is essential with its expandable pockets and reflective accents for those late nights.

The straps are adjustable making sure your dog is always comfortable and the mesh material on the harness gives their fur room to breathe.

This backpack comes in green and blue and is just $22.34.

2. Dog Backpack for Hiking 

Doggie Backpack

This saddlebag is designed to adjust for medium to large dogs. The mesh material makes this backpack breathable while the adjustable straps have padding for maximum comfort.

This bag is great for storing items while hiking, hunting, and camping and the reflective strips allow you to follow your pup when the sun goes down.

You can get this backpack for just $19.99.

3. Explorer by FrontPet Dog Backpack 

Dog Harness Backpack

This harness pack is durable and perfect for holding all the things you need for any adventure.

The padded mesh bottom provides a comfortable experience while the extra wide bags allow you to prep with extra food, treats, and first aid supplies.

Shop this backpack for just $29.99.

4. Ruffwear Approach Full-Day Hiking Pack

Doggie Backpack

This popular dog backpack is efficient and perfect in design. Keeping your dog comfortable is the first priority while the pockets are carefully designed to carry as many items as you need.

This long-lasting item is lightweight and safety-approved so your dog can move around freely without any hassle.

Available in several colors, you can get this for your next adventure for $59.59.

5. Ruff Armour Outdoor Dog Backpack

Doggie Backpack

This backpack is unlike the others. The backpack features a collapsible bowl set so you can feed and hydrate your best friend along the trail. The adjustable strap keeps your dog happy and the expandable pockets allow you to pack properly for their needs.

Shop this one-of-a-kind doggie backpack for just $39.99.

Other pet backpack brands worth checking out include Kurgo as the Kurgo Baxter Dog Backpack is a great option for a dog pack. Ruffwear's Palisades Backpack is a spacious pack to look at for your hike! Kyjen Dog Backpacks are also very popular.

There are some other important features to keep in mind when doing research. Look at daypacks that are water-resistant with side pockets! While you're at it, you should consider a life jacket too for your pup! You will need to cross a body of water at some point and when you do you'll want to make sure everyone including your dog can enjoy it. Small dogs can enjoy all this outdoor fun too of course as the packs we mention in this list are not only for extra-large dogs.

As previously mentioned, don't forget the essentials like a water bowl!

While the choices are overwhelming, we can assure that your pup will be wagging their tail at whichever backpack you choose. Who's ready to hit the trail?

Do you have a favorite doggie backpack? Tell us in the comments below!

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5 Dog Backpacks for Your Next Outdoor Adventure