Dog Adopted off Euthanasia List Gives Birth to 18 Puppies

Posted by Stacey Venzel
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All photos via Ashlee Holland/Facebook.

A Missouri woman saved the life of not one but 19 dogs with one simple rescue.

A golden Chow-mix dog named Ava became a mother last week, but she almost didn't make it that far.

Ashlee Holland of Blue Springs, Missouri adopted Ava from a shelter where the dog was slated to be euthanized due to limited space. Holland knew Ava was pregnant but it was unclear how many puppies the canine was carrying.

Two weeks after Holland brought Ava home, the litter was born--eighteen healthy, squirming fur balls.


Ava went into labor in the middle of the night. Over the span of two hours, she had seven puppies. It seemed like Ava was through with her labor at that point. Holland said:

"I thought she was done. Cleaned her off, went to bed, woke up, there were eight more puppies. Got my kids ready for school, there are now three more puppies."

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Holland reacted quite positively to the furry surprise. She said:

"It's heaven. Puppy pile, you can't get any better than that."

Holland's son quickly set to work naming all of the pups. An avid baseball fan, the critters received sports-inspired monikers, like Buck O'Neil and Ned Yost. The mother and her litter have been dubbed "Ava and her 18 Royals" after the Kansas City Major League team.

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While Holland made a fast decision to save Ava from euthanasia, ultimately her goal was to add more time to adopt the dog out. Once Ava and her puppies get a clean bill of health, they will all be up for adoption.

You can follow along with the 19 canines on their Facebook page.

Would you adopt a pregnant dog just to save her from euthanasia? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

All photos via Ashlee Holland/Facebook.

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Dog Adopted off Euthanasia List Gives Birth to 18 Puppies