Dog Abandoned with Bag of Food and Note: Please Take Care of Me

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Images by Tracalyn Roberts and Tania Cheek via The Dodo

A confused but friendly bully breed dog was found tied to a stop sign and abandoned with nothing more than a bag of food and a sad note: Please take care of me. 

It's certainly not the first time a dog has been dumped and left with a note, but it never gets easier to hear about. Luckily for this dog, his story ends as a happy tale.

According to The Dodo, Houston woman Tracalyn Roberts was driving along when she noticed a dog tied to a stop sign. After calling her friend Tania Cheek, it became clear that she only had once choice: to rescue the abandoned pooch.

The dog, later named Solo, was found in 95-degree heat around noon that day, with an empty water bowl and a full bag of dog food nearby. Attached to the food was a note that read "Please take care of me." Solo was friendly and happy to see Roberts, but became crestfallen the moment she turned away.

"His eyes were just so sad," Cheek told the outlet. "He just looked at her, and was like, 'You're leaving?' I think he was really confused about why he was left."


Of course, Roberts didn't leave Solo, but loaded him up in her car. She took him to a friend's house where he was set up in a fenced yard with food, shelter, and water, but a more permanent home was needed for the poor boy.

After posting on social media with a lot of responses but no way to be sure who she was going to be sending Solo home with, she enlisted the help of Love and Rescue, a non-profit organization that places pets in their forever homes while educating the community about animal rescue and welfare.

It took a while to find the perfect fit, but once she did Solo didn't stray too far -- he was adopted by Roberts' own mother and stepfather!

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Today, Solo lives in a loving home with another dog to play with, and his new family can't believe such a smart and loving dog would ever be abandoned the way he was. He still has a few issues to work out, especially around loud noises, but he's said to be improving daily and doing well.

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Images by Tracalyn Roberts and Tania Cheek via The Dodo

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Dog Abandoned with Bag of Food and Note: Please Take Care of Me