Dog 911: Funny Emergencies Your Dog Deals with Day to Day

Posted by Mateja Lane

If your dog had 911 dispatch these are some of the things he would call about. 

Twitter user Reverend Scott has been tweeting scenarios of dogs calling into 911 dog dispatch and they are hilarious. They really are spot-on about the way dogs make sense of the world around them.

These will have you in tears. Meanwhile, your dog will be freaking out because the mailman is on the porch.

These are the emergencies dogs have:

If you own a dog, and he had opposable thumbs, these are most definitely the emergencies he would call 911 about. And the 911 dog dispatch would be no help at all. You can just picture both of them running around barking: OMG, OMG, OMG.

Follow @Reverend_Scott for more hilarious dog stream of consciousness scenarios, like this:

That's one Twitter user who definitely knows his dogs.

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