Function over Fashion: Doggles Will Help Your Pet's Poor Vision

Posted by Tori Holmes
Madison Berglund/Twitter

When Jax developed glaucoma and cataracts, he began to have trouble seeing while he was outside. Fortunately, his vet had a simple (and adorable) solution.

Living in Austin, Texas, Jax has the luxury of living in a city that has no shortage of sunshine. While this is a dream come true for many pups, Jax's glaucoma and cataracts made it difficult for him to see properly while he was outside.

To ensure that Jax was able to enjoy his time outside both safely and comfortably, his vet recommended his owner, Madison Berglund, purchase her pup a pair of "Doggles."

What are Doggles? Well, Doggles just happen to be the biggest name is canine eyewear. These doggie sunglasses provide UV protection, anti-fog, and anti-shatterproof lenses, with a snug fit.


In other words, they're the most adorable cross between sunglasses and goggles you've ever seen in your entire life.

With his Doggles, Jax is able to navigate his way around outdoors during the day without the risk of running into things. While Berglund still prefers to walk him at night when his vision is at his best, Jax can now safely spend time in the sunshine during the day.

We love your new Doggles, Jax. We hope you can use them to enjoy some fun in the sun!

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Function over Fashion: Doggles Will Help Your Pet's Poor Vision