Documentary 'Peter and the Farm' Shows Realistic Harshness of Life on a Farm

Posted by Paige Cerulli
Peter and the Farm

If you've ever wondered what life on a farm would be like, then the documentary Peter and the Farm might just be for you. 

Farming. It's known to be a tough life, but how much do you really know about what goes on on a farm? There's the glamorous side of open fields and being at one with nature, but there's also a darker, more harsher reality. It's that harsh reality that the documentary "Peter and the Farm" tries to capture.

"Peter and the Farm" follows the story of Peter Dunning, a Vermont farmer. Dunning has burned bridges with his wife and children, and lives in solitude on his farm. But Dunning also battles alcohol and self-destruction.

The documentary, by Tony Stone, promises to tell an honest account of Dunning's life on the farm. Take a look at the intriguing trailer:

One of the greatest challenges of farming can be nature itself. From droughts to wildfires to harsh winters, farmers risk financial destruction every single year. Farmers are at the mercy of the weather, and sometimes despite their best efforts and most informed decision-making, farmers still lose crops and herds to the forces of mother nature.

And then there's the emotional toil of farming, which this documentary closely highlights. Farmers often live in solitude with just their families for company. Farming is an all-consuming career; farmers work long days and live in remote locations. Farm life isn't kind to farm animals, and farmers must make tough decisions involving their animals' lives.

Life on a farm isn't glamorous. It's rough, harsh, and sometimes enough to destroy a person. But, we're lucky enough that there are people up to the task. Without farms, we wouldn't be able to survive.

You can learn more about "Peter and the Farm" on the documentary's website.

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Documentary 'Peter and the Farm' Shows Realistic Harshness of Life on a Farm