Milkweed May Be the Cutest Roborovski Hamster

Posted by Tori Holmes

Are you familiar with the expression "good things come in small packages"? We're pretty sure they were talking about Roborovski hamsters.

If you're never seen one of these tiny creatures before, you're in for a treat! With an average size of less than one inch at birth, these tiny babies grow into tiny adults, reaching an average size of approximately two inches.

Milkweed is an adorable little Roborovski hamster with one of the most fun cages we've seen. Just take a look at this video to see for yourself!

Originating from the deserts of northern China, Mongolia, and northern Russia, Roborovski hamsters are the smallest and fastest breed of hamster. Each night, they can run the equivalent of four human marathons on their wheel. That's over 100 miles! Understandably, it's critical that every cage comes with a wheel for them to run on.

When Roborovski hamsters aren't running, you can find them burrowing elaborate tunnels. In the wild, these tiny creatures can dig networks of burrows up to six feet deep. This is why it's important to provide lots of bedding and hiding places in their cage so that they can still practice this burrowing behavior.

Due to their size and speed, Roborovski hamsters are often referred to as "look but don't touch" pets. This doesn't mean you can't still handle them if they are tamed properly though; you just need to be careful.

One of the best ways to play with your Roborovski hamster is to let them use your body as a jungle gym. Not only will this get them more comfortable with your scent, it's a great way to interact without too much handling.

Nice to meet you, Milkweed!

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Milkweed May Be the Cutest Roborovski Hamster