Money Savers: 6 More DIY Cat Toys to Keep Kitty Busy

Posted by Samantha Bubar

We all know that cat toys usually get stuck under the fridge. Or the couch. Or the bed.

Why spend a fortune on cat toys that will only end up lost forever under the fridge? There are tons of DIY options to keep your feline friend busy.

Here are some more ideas that are easy, and you probably already have the supplies in your recycling bin. That is, if you cat hasn't already raided it...

1. Peek-a-Boo Box

Cut the top edges off a tissue box, or other small cardboard box, and fill it with toilet paper or paper towel rolls. Sprinkle treats, catnip, and a few small toys inside.

Four White Paws

Voila! Your cat now has a toy that will keep them busy for hours. Trying to get the toys and treats out will be satisfy their hunting needs, and will provide both of you with entertainment.

2. Fishing for Toys

Choose a large plastic container. Using scissors or a box cutter, cut holes in the lid. Make sure the holes are big enough for your cats paws and arms to fit through.

Put toys, treats, and crinkled paper inside the container and replace the lid.

Sit back and watch your cat fish for the toys and treats for hours. This toy is a great option because you can replace toys and treats as time goes on, and continue to reuse!

3. Treat Bottle Toy

Using a knife, cut small treat size holes in an empty plastic water bottle. Put your cat's favorite treats inside the bottle and replace the cap.

Make sure the holes are big enough for the treats to fit through, but not so big that all the treats fall out.

Your cat will then roll the bottle all around, trying to get the treats to fall out of the bottle! This is probably not a good nighttime toy, unless the sound of plastic water bottles being pounced on happens to lull you to sleep.

3. Playing House

Cut the two shorter flaps off an empty box. Tape the two long flaps that remain, and tape them together creating a peak, or roof.

Using a box cutter, cut out square "windows," and a flap for the door.


This is just a fancy version of any feline favorite- the box. This gives it a "Home Sweet Home" touch and you can even use paint to decorate their new home.

You can, of course, stick a few toys inside the house to keep them entertained, but the box itself usually does a good job.

4. Hair Tie Madness

Gather extra hair ties and strips of fabric (fleece or t-shirt material work best) or ribbons. Tie ribbons and fabric to the hair tie. Toss on the floor.

Hair ties are another feline favorite, but a hair tie with all kinds of fabric and ribbons attached?! That's a surefire way to keep  your cat entertained for hours on end.

These toys can get stuck easily under couches, the refrigerator, etc. So be sure to have some extras handy!

5. Cardboard Tube Toys

Cut the edges of a cardboard paper towel roll. Flatten edges so they stick out. Toss on floor. Watch hilarity ensue.

Pinterest/Christina Smolnik Smith

You can vary the size of the "fringes" to produce different toys. You can also cut the tube into small pieces and slide them together to make other types of toys as seen above.

These get tossed around and kicked under couches daily, so again, make sure to cut up a few extra unless you intend on cleaning under your couch every hour.

As you can see, there are plenty of toys you can create for your feline using items you already have in your home, and might not find much use for! Cats can help us find the meaning of recycling, if only we use our imagination!

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Money Savers: 6 More DIY Cat Toys to Keep Kitty Busy