Disney Recreates 'Alice in Wonderland' Tea Party with Cats

Posted by Paige Cerulli
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What do you get when you combine cats, costumes, and a tea party? A scene right out of 'Alice in Wonderland!'

Who doesn't love "Alice in Wonderland?" Well, even if you're not wild about the story, we guarantee you're going to love the tea party scene when it's recreated with cats. Courtesy of Disney, this kit-tea party includes fancy costumes, an elaborate table setup, and, of course, a beautiful tea set.

But clearly, the cats are the best part. We're pretty partial to the utterly adorable Mad Catter, ourselves. All of the cats seem to be quite relaxed and having a good time - just make sure your volume is turned up so you can hear them purr!

Take a look at the adorable "Alice in Wonderland" cat tea party!

Seriously, could these cats be any cuter? Their costumes really take the cake, too. It takes some time, patience, and creative design skills to get a cat to wear a costume comfortably. If you plan to dress your cat up for Halloween, the time to start is now. Design a costume which isn't restrictive, and ideally which you can introduce one piece at a time. Many cats don't like objects on their heads, so you may want to avoid hats.

Next, start introducing the costume to your cat, but do so slowly. Put on one piece of the costume just for a few seconds, then remove it. Gradually lengthen the amount of time that you leave the costume on your cat. You may want to use cat treats, a favorite toy, or even some cat nip to help keep your cat relaxed so that he better accepts the costume.

We'll bet that some serious time and effort went into creating this fun video. Disney did a great job of making sure that all of the cats were comfy and happy in their costumes.

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Disney Recreates 'Alice in Wonderland' Tea Party with Cats