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53 Cat Names Inspired By Classic Disney Characters


No matter what breed or gender your new feline friend is, Disney films are a great place to start to find that perfect name.

Who doesn't love the magic of Disney? From old classics like Sleeping Beauty to more modern classics like 101 Dalmatians, Disney movies are a great place for inspiration to find that perfect name for your lovable new cat.

Whether your new kitty is a sassy Siamese or just a cool tabby (and along the same veins, a female cat or male cat), with nearly a century (97 years to be exact!) worth of Disney characters and Disney films inspired names to choose from, we can guarantee you'll find the perfect name for your new kitty with these cat names inspired by Disney!

53 Disney Cat Names Inspired by Our Favorite Characters (Thanks, Mickey!)

1. Mickey (this is no. 1 for obvious reasons!)
2. Ariel
3. Aurora ("Sleeping Beauty" fans will know this name!)
4. Bambi
5. Belle (hard to find someone who doesn't know this name from "Beauty and the Beast"!)
6. Binx
7. Bagheera
8. Cruella/Ella (When it comes to Disney villains, Cruella reigns supreme!)
9. Cheshire (after the famous grinning "Cheshire cat" of course!)
10. Dinah
11. Dory
12. Figaro (great name for Pinocchio fans!)
13. Felicia (this name is from "The Great Mouse Detective")
14. Goose
15. Jasmine
16. Jafar
17. Lilo
18. Lucifer (this is a good name for fans of "Cinderella")
19. Mufasa (The Lion King should be No. 1, honestly...)
20. Minnie/Mouse (or "Minnie Mouse")
21. Mirage
22. Meeko (this is such a cute name from "Pocahontas"!)
23. Mittens
24. Nala
25. Nemo
26. Olaf (Yes, this is the endearing snowman from the "Frozen" franchise.)

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27. Oliver
28. Pooh
29. Prince
30. Pom-Pom
31. Piglet
32. Peter/Pete
33. Pumba
34. Rajah/Raja (how can we not include the pet tiger from "Aladdin"?)
35. Rufus
36. Rapunzel
37. Sabor (this name's, of course, from "Tarzan"!)
38. Scar
39. Simba
40. Shere Khan (another one from "The Jungle Book"!)
41. Tibbs
42. Tinkerbell/Tink (Super adorable name from "Peter Pan"!)
43. Tiana
44. Timon
45. Tigger (Winnie The Pooh's bouncy friend is perfect for goofy cats!)
46. Thomas/Tom (this one and the next four are named after the felines in "The Aristocats" -- with Thomas being "Thomas O'Malley" of course!)
47. Toulouse
48. Berlioz
49. Duchess
50. Marie
51. Ursula
52. Whiskers
53. Yzma (a unique name from "The Emperor's New Groove")

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