Did You Know Dogs Can Faint from Overwhelming Excitement?

Posted by Stacey Venzel

Some breeds are more prone to it than others, but fainting can happen when a dog experiences pure joy.

A couple years ago, the two-year reunion between a woman and her Miniature Schnauzer went viral. What set this adorable video apart from others was the dog's reaction--she fainted!

Dogs are known to jump, bark and wag their tail when they get excited. But did you know they can also pass out from pure joy? Just like in humans, it seems to come out of nowhere.

Syncope, as fainting episodes are medically termed, occur when the brain receives reduced blood flow due to a change in heart rate. The beats per minute can either increase rapidly or tick slowly. In excitable instances the heart is beating quickly, sometimes so fast that it causes a dog to faint.


Though emotion-induced fainting is rare in dogs, it is more common in certain breeds like Miniature Schnauzers, Dachshunds, Boxers, and Dobermans.

Sometimes, even with overwhelming situations, the syncope can be onset by an underlying cardiac condition, so a check-up is a good idea. Certain medications can also increase the chances of your canine passing out.


After a dog passes out, you should take precautions to calm him down. Lower your voice and gently stroke your pet. Don't force them to stand up right away as that could cause him to enter into another syncope episode. A vet check-up is a good idea within 24 hours of a fainting incident.

If the pup is cleared by the vet, then you can sleep content at night knowing it was just your long awaited arrival that put a little flop in his step!

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