Did You Know Bats Can Swim? Here's Proof

Posted by Jason Sarna
swimming bat

There are many myths surrounding bats, but one thing is for certain, they sure know how to swim.

Sometimes we think we know the truth about a certain animal but then someone posts a video on a website of that certain animal doing something you would never expect and you lose your mind.

Prepare yourself for the video below:

Look at this guy go! He's practically a pro!

According to the Smithsonian Museum, bats can swim if the need arises, but it's not part of their daily curriculum.

Most bats interact with water when they want a drink and do so by swooping down and skimming the water's surface. This guy may have been extra thirsty. Or maybe bats are like humans with their own individual wants and this guy wanted to take a swim.

Interested in learning more about bats, click here. Or here. And try not to laugh when you watch this bat devour a banana.

Did you know bats can swim? Let us know in the comments!

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Did You Know Bats Can Swim? Here's Proof