Did You Hear the One About the Hamster and the Fridge Magnet?

Posted by Tori Holmes

After escaping his cage, this family found their hamster hiding out under the fridge. He didn't seem phased at all by his escape so his family simply put him back where he belonged.

Over the next few days, they became increasingly concerned as their little hamster remained in one corner of his cage, seemingly paralyzed. He wouldn't eat, drink, or even run on his wheel. By day three the family knew something was seriously wrong and took him to the vet.

Once there, they were treated by a veterinary staff and students, including the sister of Twitter user Kat (@eeveeluti0n). After hearing the hamster's story from her sister later, she took to Twitter share it:

That's right - the hamster had stored a fridge magnet in his cheek pouch and was stuck to the floor of his cage.

Thankfully the family didn't wait long to take him to the vet or this story could have had a much sadder ending...but now it is just a funny anecdote to always check the hamster's cheeks if he gets lost under the fridge!

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Did You Hear the One About the Hamster and the Fridge Magnet?