Did You Get a Chance to Hug a Chicken Today?

Posted by Mateja Lane

Chickens are great pets. And even they enjoy a hug now and then. 

Chickens are great to have around. Not just because they provide eggs for us to eat, but for therapeutic purposes as well. Chickens give great hugs.

Don't believe me? Watch this chicken and his boy.

This chicken's name is Lovebird and she clearly loves to be held and caressed.

If you love Lovebird you can get chicken merchandise that ranges from a mousepad to a t-shirt to a coffee mug.

Lovebird's family says:

"We can't help but think that there is a message in the innocence and purity of the exchange that we can all continue to share together."

Who doesn't agree with that?

Make sure you hug a chicken today.