Devon Rex Cats Shouldn't Be Brushed. Her Fur Is Too Fragile!

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Devon Rex Cat

Did you know the Devon Rex originates from Devonshire, England from the late 1950's. A stray cat was found to have given birth to a litter that included a curly-haired kitten with pixie-like features. It was this kitten that went on to be the father of the breed that is now known as the Devon Rex.

Devon Rex have very unique features, with long skinny necks, strangely-shaped heads, proportionally large ears, and a soft, wavy coat. The coat itself comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, from solid to bi-color or even tabby. They also make great cats for those with allergies as their coats result in less shedding than other breeds.

Devon Rex cats are known for their human-loving, dog-like qualities. This means owners have to be prepared to have a cat that wants to be with them 24/7, 365. They also have a tendency to remain a kitten at heart, so are known for getting into kitten-like antics throughout their life.

Other quick facts from

"The Devon Rex has huge ears that are wide at the base and set low on the head.  Some Devons have tufts of hair on the ears that resemble earmuffs.

The eyes of the Devon Rex can be any color, including blue, usually seen in colorpoints, and aqua, usually seen in mink-colored cats."


According to HillsPet, a feral tomcat with a curly coat who lived in Devon, England near an abandoned tin mine mated with a tortoiseshell and white female owned by a lady named Beryl Cox. In the litter, was a brownish-black male who had the same curly coat as his father.

Although the mother was a straight-haired barn cat, the kitten had curly hair. Cox assumed a stray living near the tin mine was the sire; She named the cat named Kirlee and he became famous as the beginning of the breed known as the Devon Rex.


The Devon Rex is an active and energetic breed that loves receiving thanks with pets and loving attention; Expect lots of reciprocating and purring. She's known as a jumper, so keep a lot of perches in windows in the house.

Grooming that wavy fur

This cat breed should never be brushed. Their wavy fur is soft, fine and the more gentle the grooming the better. The Devon Rex cat breed has a unique appearance and their delicate hairs can be damaged if you're too rough.

Contact the Cat Fanciers Association if you have questions about this breed of cat. There are some hereditary issues you should also ask a reputable breeder about like patellar luxation.

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Devon Rex Cats Shouldn't Be Brushed. Her Fur Is Too Fragile!