Devastated Pet Owner Has Important Message About Dangerous Flowers

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What started as a thoughtful birthday gift turned into a nightmare for a Florida pet owner.

Samara Sodos was thrilled to receive a bouquet of flowers from her sister the day before her birthday. The blooms were beautiful, and she couldn't help but snap a picture to post on Facebook.

In the post, she mentioned how her cat, Lucy, was also enjoying the flowers. The tortoiseshell cat had a long-standing habit of chewing on her owner's plants, and the birthday bouquet seemed like a tasty treat.

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Sodos' birthday came and went, but a few days after the flower delivery, Lucy started to lose weight. Sodos and 12-year-old Lucy had been together since the cat was eight weeks old. A local rescue organization pulled a litter of abandoned kittens out of a hole in the ground, and Lucy ended up at a shelter.

She was soon adopted by Sodos, and the pair became best friends. Lucy even earned five minutes of fame after being featured in a local magazine spread for being a pampered pet.

When Lucy started refusing her food and acting overly tired, Sodos knew something was wrong. She scheduled a regular vet appointment for a few days later, but Lucy's health took a dramatic turn. She ended up at an emergency vet hospital fighting for her life.

X-rays showed the cat's kidneys were enlarged, suggesting the presence of a toxic substance. The vet asked Sodos if Lucy had eaten any lilies lately, and it finally dawned on her what was happening.

There are many flowers and plants that are harmless to humans but poisonous to pets. Lilies, containing toxins called oxalates, are some of the most dangerous. If Sodos had known lilies are toxic a few days before, she never would have let Lucy near her birthday bouquet.

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Tampa Bay Times

Despite hours at the vet, Sodos was informed there was nothing else they could do. Lucy died from poisoning. Sodos regrets her mistake of leaving the deadly lilies in Lucy's reach, but she hopes her tragic experience will help other pet owners keep their cats safe.

Lucy's death is a tragedy, and now Sodos is telling everyone who will listen about the potential dangers of pretty flowers. Jumping on tables to chew on flowers is a common habit among house cats, and thousands die every year from ingesting toxic plant matter. Sodos wants to help prevent as many deaths as possible to honor Lucy's memory.

Did you know lilies were poisonous to cats? Let us know in the comments.

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Devastated Pet Owner Has Important Message About Dangerous Flowers