Detroit Dog Waits on Family's Discarded Belongings, Waiting for Them to Return

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All images via Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

Abandoned on the side of the road, this dog showed unfailing loyalty to an owner that didn't deserve it.

For years, a dog named Boo lived with his family on a residential street in Detroit. When the family decided to move, they packed up their belongings and left. But there were a few household items that didn't make it into the moving truck: an old mattress, a few dressers, a broken lampshade, some lumpy pillows.

And Boo.

Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

Everything they didn't want ended up on the curb, and that included their relentlessly faithful family dog.

With nowhere else to go, Boo did the only thing he could. He stood guard over his family's belongings and patiently waited for them to come back.

For weeks, Boo spent his days curled up on that familiar-smelling mattress. A friendly neighbor left food and water, but the dog refused to abandon his vigil.

A month after Boo's first day on the curb, Mike Diesel, founder of Detroit Youth and Dog Rescue, got an interesting call. He immediately went to the scene to find Boo. In an interview with The Dodo, he said,

"He was just laying there, being his loyal self. Being the loyal dog he was supposed to be, he waited for his master to come back."

After a month on the street, Boo was shy and din't take to Diesel right away. But Diesel was determined to restore the dog's faith in man. Boo's original owners weren't coming back, and after a month of waiting, it was time to move off the curb.

On Diesel's first day with Boo, he spent about 11 hours with the dog. They kept each other company on the side of the road, and Diesel spoke to him, trying to get him used to the sound of his voice. They shared a dinner of fried chicken and hamburger--as the fastest way to a dog's heart is through his stomach.

Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

Diesel called it a night at 2 a.m., but he was back eight hours later with breakfast from McDonald's. With a belly full of sausage McMuffin, Boo relented to having a collar put on.

"Once I got that on him, I walked him for about half an hour. Just being right there next to him, gaining that trust. After that we sat on the ground, on a blanket, for an hour."

Eventually, Boo felt comfortable enough to be lifted into the back of Diesel's truck. They went straight to the vet where it was confirmed that Boo was heartworm positive. He was put on treatment that same day and was introduced to other humans and dogs. With each encounter, Boo proved to be a friendly and gentle dog.

Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

No one knows exactly why Boo was abandoned on the curb like a piece of trash. The only real explanation is that his old owners considered him to be temporary and disposable.

After having his heart broken by the people he thought he could trust, Boo is now looking for a new forever family; a family that will treat him the way he deserves to be treated and won't take advantage of his unfailing loyalty.

If you think Boo would fit in well with your family, contact Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue through their Facebook page.

All images via Detroit Youth & Dog Rescue

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Detroit Dog Waits on Family's Discarded Belongings, Waiting for Them to Return