Designer Creates Outfit for Cat to Keep Him from Licking Himself

Posted by Paige Cerulli
cat licking himself
All images: Health Punk via Twitter

When this designer needed to keep her cat from licking himself, she custom-made an outfit designed to do just that. 

When Nykol Tolstych's cat, Cheddar, suffered from some medical issues, she had to find a way to keep him from licking himself. Most cats are less than pleased with the e-collars that vets hand out for this purpose, so Nykol, a designer, took matters into her own hands.

Nykol fashioned a special outfit just for Cheddar to keep the cat from licking himself. And if you ask us, he looks utterly adorable in his new duds!

cat outfitcat in outfitcat licking himselfsleeping cat

We aren't the only ones who think Cheddar looks awesome. Nykol posted the photos to her Twitter page, and they have since received more than 167,000 likes and have been retweeted more than 54,000 times.

Nykol may be onto something with her special cat clothing. It can be a real challenge to keep a cat from licking himself, and too much licking can irritate and even keep wounds and rashes from healing. E-collars are a popular option, but it's important to make sure that a collar is properly sized for a cat. Unfortunately, cats can get quite crafty in removing their e-collars. Some owners also worry that e-collars are uncomfortable for cats.

Could Nykol's custom-made cat clothing help to prevent licking? Possibly, as long as the clothing fits the cat well. However, it's always a good idea to use an e-collar if the cat is going to be unsupervised, just to be safe.

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All images: Health Punk via Twitter

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Designer Creates Outfit for Cat to Keep Him from Licking Himself