Dentist Brings Her Labradoodle to Work to Calm Patients

Posted by Amber King

An adorable doggy face and calming personality are the only credentials this Beverly Hills dental assistant needs.

We all know that visiting the dentist is often a stressful, painful experience, and most people would rather do anything else than sit in that raised chair while someone pokes at their teeth. For patients of Dr. Softie, however, that's not the case.

That's because Dr. Softie is no ordinary dental assistant. She's a Labradoodle that works with Dr. Mojdeh Shayestehfar at a dentist office in Beverly Hills, California.

It has long since been proven that dogs have a special power when it comes to providing affection and comfort to people in difficult situations. Therapy dogs are often used in hospitals, retirement homes, and schools.

There's something about combing your fingers through a dog's soft fur, looking into their big, compassionate eyes, and feeling the weight of their warm bodies against yours that alleviates all forms of stress and discomfort.

Dr. Softie is a prime example of the tremendous amount of good done by therapy dogs across the country. Dr. Softie's job is to lie on patient's laps while Dr. Shayestehfar works on their teeth. Her mere presence eases pain and helps patients to relax.

Dr. Shayestehfar said:

"She's my best employee. What had happened is the attitude of the patient has been changed. So it's not a dreaded procedure. They actually look forward to it."

Yelp/Mojdeh Shayestehfar, DDS - Linden Dental Care

Patients focus on petting Dr. Softie, and they forget about any discomfort and anxiety they might be feeling. Dr. Softie does her job so well that she now has her own schedule. Her services are in high demand, and patients must reserve her when making appointments.

Dr. Softie may not have all the credentials you'd expect from a Beverly Hills dental assistant, but her big brown eyes, floppy ears, and calming demeanor make visiting the dentist an experience to look forward to.

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Dentist Brings Her Labradoodle to Work to Calm Patients